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The American Reading Forum is a nonprofit, professional organization composed of individuals who share an interest in the advancement of literacy education. While the American Reading Forum is an organization that facilitates the dissemination of ideas and research, it places highest priority on providing its members opportunities for critical discussion of ideas, issues, research and emerging research interests, and paradigms.


The America Reading Forum declares the following to be its reason for existence and the guidelines for its activities:

  • To provide a true forum for literacy education where new research can be generated, research in progress can be refined, completed research can be reported, and reported research can be evaluated.

  • To provide for the translation of literacy research, theory, and philosophical deliberations into sound practice, but with no research, discussion, or contemplation to be discarded because its implementation is not immediately apparent.

  • To conduct a conference at which newly trained scholars and scholars in training can get to know and get assistance from established and distinguished scholars in the field, through a mutual exchange of ideas.

  • To provide a yearbook through which scholars of all levels can share viewpoints, resources, and expertise.

  • To ensure that in the field of literacy no idea is too bold or new to be given a hearing, and none too old to be given reconsideration.


Literacy professionals join professional organizations to engage and share with colleagues about their work. Those organizations bring professionals together to advance knowledge about and the practice of literacy instruction and research. Yet, each professional organization offers a unique focus, mission, and culture, which prompts some professionals to...   Read More >>

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Individual Membership


Graduate Student Membership


Please include proof of status as a graduate student or have application endorsed by faculty member.

Our service opportunities include:

  • Mentoring graduate students to improve professional writing

  • Reviewing yearbook submissions

  • Reviewing conference proposals

  • Providing feedback on graduate student conference proposals

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In addition to holding the annual meeting, the American Reading Forum publishes an online Yearbook of the American Reading Forum, containing selected papers, and reactions to issues or papers presented at each year's meeting. 


American Reading Forum Board of Directors

B. Adams.jpeg
Brittany Adams
(Non-Voting Member;
Term 2021-2023)
Vicky Cardullo
Vice President

(Term 2023-2025)
Jason DeHart
(Term 2022-2024)
kateyurko-1 copy.jpg
Kate Yurko
(Term 2023-2025)
IMG_9167 2.jpg
Jennifer VanSlander
Past President & Voting Member (Term 2022-2024)
William Kerns
Bill Kerns
(Term 2023-2025)
Gillian Mertens
(Term 2024-2026)
Jan Lacina
(Term 2024-2026)

Supporting & Nonvoting Board Members

R. Savitz.png
Rachelle Savitz
Jennifer Van Allen
Nance Wilson
K. Lyons
Keith Lyons
E. Pendergrass.jpg
Emily Pendergrass
Enrique Puig
G. Moorman.jpg
Gary Moorman
ARF Historian
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